How To Be An inclusive Travel Company

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There’s been a big push for inclusivity amongst BAME influencers, bloggers and writers in the past couple months. Along with those representing other minorities such as LGBTQ+ and single travellers.

Following global movements such as BLM and Pride, companies have been showing an effort to send minority writers on press visits to hotels, employ a diversity strategy amongst the office environment and raise general awareness of the importance of inclusivity, unconscious bias and white privilege. But we need to make sure this continues past the fad.

At Ophir & Grifco we’ve been working to make at least a small difference. One suggestion my colleague and I made to our client was regarding the resort’s photography. We found that the straight, middle-class family with two children didn’t represent society. They’ve since shared imagery with same-sex couples and are looking into some single-parent family photography.

We’ve also had discussions with our clients surrounding inclusivity coaching – complicated? It’s simple. Ensuring a couple arriving at reception aren’t assumed to be just friends or asking a same-sex couple if they’d like to change their bed set up to single beds can make all the difference.

I recently tuned in to a webinar on Diversity and the Future of Travel with Alex Temblador, Travel writer and award-winning author (@alextemblador) & Christopher Kenna, CEO & Founder, Brand Advance (@brand_advance) lead by Uwern Jong, Editor of @OutThereMag (@uwern) .

– I thought I’d share a few take-aways:

There was lot of BAME and LGBT community support during Pride Month and Black History Month, but we must support these groups all year round. Holiday destinations should advertise and include creative ideas around these groups, always (Christopher)

Employ someone who works at diversity companies to show you how to roll out BAME policies and training (Alex)

It starts with the CEO. It’s not up to your BAME or LGBT employees to make your company better – when CEOs start to make a change it becomes a down waterfall rush – not an uphill battle (Christopher)Do hotels have BAME staff and PRs? Are PRs connecting with BAME writers?

Do hotels have BAME staff and PRs? Are PRs connecting with BAME writers? (Alex)

First step: admit the issue. Second step: find someone who can help your brand break it all down and create the change (Alex)

You have the ear of the company: steer client marketing strategies, photoshoots, influencer collaborations etc. (Alex)

If writers of colour and the LGBTQ+ community don’t see diversity in client strategy, they won’t want to engage with it. Let’s work together in this industry to make sure all are represented.

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living with quarantine – through the eyes of a travel agent

Following from my previous post, where I explained what it was like living in a safe bubble-like island with no coronavirus cases… I wanted to get a different perspective from someone working in an industry, in Guernsey, that relies on that bubble being popped, safely.

Luckily, in the UK, things are looking up for my industry in Travel PR. Clients are receiving more media coverage as journalists are able to visit their hotels and the hotels themselves are increasing occupancy. But those travellers are just from the UK, because in Guernsey it’s a different story.

There’s no confusing ever-changing list of destinations that islanders can and can’t travel to. There’s still a 2-week quarantine restriction on wherever you land from on this small island of 67,000 that thrives on hospitality and tourism. It’s a sector that’s been massively hit. And as an island of keen travellers eager to escape the safe haven and find excitement in far flung communities and cultures, travel agents usually thrive here too. But with isolation requirements such as those in Guernsey. It’s tough.

So to find out what it’s like living and working in a place that has such restrictions, I spoke to Personal Leisure Travel Counsellor, Chris Roberts, who co-owns the Travel Counsellor’s Franchise in Guernsey.

When did you first notice Covid-19 would have an effect on your work?

The affects of Covid-19 crept up slowly for the travel agency side of our industry in Guernsey, my first experience was concerns for clients travelling to China, cancellations and refunds, followed by briefings for other clients travelling to or through Asia as it spread to other countries. Of course there were other concerns at that time – European travel post-Brexit being one, but one particular client, who we later had to rescue, was briefed on coronavirus whilst we delivered their tickets.

Was this new to you? Warning of potential dangers?

It wasn’t new. These particular clients we briefed on forest fires in Australia before they left and also about flooding in New Zealand the day they arrived, all in a days work as we say! I’ve been in the retail travel industry for over four decades, and have seen a lot, from volcanic ash clouds to a tsunami, from 911 to increasing tour operator failures and the most airline failures in aviation history during 2019. But little had prepared me for the global impact and the sad loss of life, stretched resources and a stop of all travel the World over, which has been devastating in so many ways.

What did you have to do to help?

So as cancellations were made, clients rescued from far flung corners of the World with virtually nothing available, working and even calling clients at all hours of the day and night in order to achieve getting everyone home, assisting with insurance claims, refunds (our company have given over 30 Mil in refunds now), to customer service swapping our clients plans to next year, it’s been a busy time. But I consider myself lucky, many of my industry colleagues and friends have been made redundant or furloughed, but despite no salary since this started we have had purpose and have never closed, having our clients to look after.

My colleagues at Travel Counsellors I have to say have been very inspiring and mood lifting, with Facebook chat groups sharing funny stories, to keep fit and Rate my Plate, for those brave enough to share images of their meals for colleagues to comment on. I was also very fortunate as Travel Counsellors being a large agency and tour operator in numerous countries had extensive resources, with training and staff available round the clock to assist us. We even won the Queens Award for Enterprise whilst all this was happening.

And lastly, in your opinion, should Guernsey mirror the UK introducing travel corridors?

Conflicted is the feeling currently. I’m pleased my UK colleagues have something to sell and clients there who wish to travel can do so, do I want something to sell? Well when it’s safe yes. My clients many of whom have become friends and quite a few elderly I care for greatly and I don’t want them going anywhere until we know travel and the destinations I sell are safe. So with our borders potentially closed beyond even the 1st September, we are happy in our bubble and we watch eagerly for further air bridges and the new normal being workable, so we can have all experience the joy that travel brings us all once again.

The island that became covid-free

When I permanently lived in Guernsey, we used to say it was like living in a bubble. A place that was safe, secure and a sense that you were somewhat disconnected from the real world. But never did we think this would become such a reality as when coronavirus arrived.

Guernsey became the first island in the British isles to become Covid-19-free thanks to the incredible work of the Director of Public Health, Dr. Nicola Brink and her team, alongside the Guernsey Government who helped to lockdown the island and track down cases. Dr. Nicola Brink told UK media she trained her whole life in anticipation of a virus such as this. Studying virology, she knew the potential of a virus such as Covid-19 and when the island had it’s first case she recalls the moment, standing up in her office, turning around to her team and saying “we know what we have to do”… And that she did.

An incredible track and trace system and an island lockdown allowed the island with a population of 67,000 to become the safe haven it is today. I returned 4 weeks ago to visit family and myself had to quarantine for two weeks before being able to experience the pre-covid environment we all dream of. And I’ll say this honestly, it’s almost as if covid never existed here. From crowded pubs to dinner parties to shaking hands after a game of tennis – everyone here knows they’re safe.

But this island’s little bubble needs to be popped one day or another. With an economy that thrives on tourism the skies will once again need to open again and the risk returns. Uncertainty looms over the heads of the safe islanders, but I have to say, a taste of the “old-normal” was a treat I hope everyone gets to experience again.

Boarding Post-Pandemic

Queues will be longer… Check-in will be longer… Masks must be worn… All discussions of flying in the post-Covid world. Which, if you ask me, aren’t going to put me off at this stage. I’m, quite frankly, missing the repetitive announcements of “a bag left unattended will be removed and maybe destroyed”. I’m even missing security check-in asking an experienced traveller if there’s a laptop in my bag or if I’m wearing a belt. At this stage I’ll comply with whatever rules it takes to hear my check in gate open.

So what are the airlines doing to allow us to become a step closer to boarding a plane safely and securely? From wellness ambassadors to cheaper flights… There’s a lot of positive change as well as the odd mask.

Etihad Launches New Wellness Ambassadors

‘According to the airline the ambassadors will be able to “offer reassurance to customers by sharing advice on travel wellbeing and details of the health and sanitisation measures being implemented throughout their journey”.’ Mark Caswell, Business Traveller

Air France

“France’s plan to provide €7 billion ($7.7 billion) of government-backed loans to help Air France-KLM through the coronavirus crisis was approved in early May by the European Commission.” Flight Global


Austria’s government has agreed with Lufthansa Group a financial support package for Austrian Airlines worth €600 million ($667 million) to secure its future operation as a network carrier in Vienna. Flight Global

American Airlines Positive Change To Seat Refunds

“The Fort Worth-based carrier has just made a major change to its refund policy for seat fees. Effective immediately, American Airlines will let you request a voucher for the value of your non-refundable seat if you cancel your trip during the coronavirus travel period. The policy applies to flights booked by June 30, 2020 for travel through Sep. 30.” Benji Stawski, The Points Guy

CNN’s Fred Pleitgen boards a Lufthansa flight to see the new reality of flying during the pandemic.

Video here

Social Distancing Measures At Gatwick

“Only family groups or people travelling in the same party can travel in lifts together. All passengers and staff must wear face masks, which are on sale through vending machines. The airport is telling passengers: “You will see protective screens in place at many places including check-in, boarding and gates.” Simon Calder, Independent Online.

Travel Experts Predict Prices Will Plummet

“While flight prices are currently rather high, with a Qantas flight from Sydney to Melbourne costing as much as $539 one way, a drop in fares may be on the horizon as domestic travel increases and border restrictions are predicted to ease.

Speaking to, Angus Kidman, Finder’s travel guru said all eyes will be on Queensland which he tips will boast some of the best airfare savings.

“Melbourne-Sydney is Australia’s busiest route, but has a lot of business travel so doesn’t usually see the biggest discounts. Once Queensland opens up its borders, I’d expect sub-$30 fares for the Gold Coast.” Escape, Vanessa Brown

Hang in there

With a Selection of Ophir PR’s Hammock Holidays.

Note: I appreciate that we are all living through difficult times right now and COVID-19 has stalled our travel plans. I, however, hope the below blog can offer a bit of light content in the interim before life returns to normal.

14th June 2020…// Whilst we sit together in an extended layover to our next dream holiday I’ve roped in a few ideas for your time on standstill. From poolside service in Corfu’s paradise to lovingly crafted jungle villas in Brazil you’ll soon be hooked on the idea of a hammock holiday. So, take a seat and let this inspire you.

Maldives – Be Easily Swayed

Beautiful Maldivian Elegance with Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa is situated on the private island of Furanafushi in the Republic of Maldives 1km and a 15-minute speedboat ride away from Malé International Airport. The five-star resort offers 176 guest rooms designed to blend into the surrounding turquoise waters, pristine beaches and lush greenery. Also boasting 7 unique restaurants and bars, the Shine Spa for Sheraton located on its very own island and 3 outdoor tropical fresh water pools.

Nightly rates at Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa (; +960 664 2010) start from GBP 315 per night based on 2 people sharing a Deluxe Garden View King Room on a B&B basis.

Brazil – A Hanging Haven

Tree House Jungle Villa in the Brazilian Rainforest with Stay One Degree

Exceptionally located in the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil’s Bahia State, this fabulous loft villa is an architectural masterpiece that offers privacy and relaxation in the heart of nature. A one of a kind jungle villa, this unique property has been lovingly crafted with the environment in mind, built solely from 60 year old naturally felled timbers, and offers the ideal romantic escape from the turbulence of modern day life. Step from the elevated terrace into the villa’s private, secluded garden and relax poolside with a good book and a long cool drink, and take in the sounds and the fragrances of the surrounding rainforest.

Sleeps 2 Guests. Available through Stay One Degree for GBP 215 per night. For more information

Greece – Rope In Your Friends

A Hidden Cycladic Gem with Bright Blue Villas

Villa Amaryllis is a rare haven of privacy and tranquillity that serves as a private relexation retreat on the undiscovered island of Serifos. The villa owner’s passion for wellness is evident through the abundance of large outdoor spaces, including a dedicated yoga terrace and relaxation space with a beautiful view from the villa’s hammock. Guests are invited to absorb the magic of the Aegean views whilst practicing their sun salutations, and yoga sessions can be arranged on request through Bright Blue Villas’ concierge.

This 4-bedroom property sleeps up to 8 people and Bright Blue Villas (, +30 210 3410210) offers Villa Amaryllis from GBP 9,792 per week.

Italy – Come Hang Out

Green Space Villa Heaven with Tuscany Now & More

Set on an important 900 acre estate, this beautiful stone farmhouse rises in the hills above Rufina. Il Borgo Di Petroio from Tuscany Now & More makes for a perfect family villa thanks to its large size and recent renovation. A guest house features more rooms and leads to a charming courtyard with a second kitchen, brick oven and large fireplace. The villa’s large private swimming pool is the perfect place for children to play and for parents to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding hills, while sunbathing under the Tuscan sun.  A playful or competitive match of tennis can also be enjoyed on the estate’s astro-turf tennis court.

This 5 bedroom property sleeps up to 14 people and Tuscany Now & More (, 020 7684 8888) offer Il Borgo Di Petroio from GBP 4,933 per week

St Lucia – String Your Family Along

A Complimentary Tranquil Setting with Windjammer Landing

Nestled into 60 acres of lush hillside on St Lucia’s north western coast, Windjammer Landing is a Mediterranean style resort on a large crescent-shaped stretch of beach. The resort’s 201 guest rooms and villas range from stylish and contemporary waterfront villas to beachfront suites steps from the water’s edge and charming hillside rooms each designed to offer its guests beautiful views across Labrolette Bay and the Caribbean Sea.

Rooms at Windjammer Landing start a GBP 215.00 per night with Villas starting at GBP 394.00. For more information and reservations, visit

For further information on any of these holidays feel free to get in touch via email @

This Cocktail is like Velvet

“Hi girls, is it your first time at the 1 hotel? … You like gin? I’d recommend our finest cocktail with Hendricks gin, 24 year infused champagne and Cuban salt mined specifically for you this morning”

You may sense a slight exaggeration. But to us it sounded as impressive as that. We only wanted a G&T but the impressive surroundings, high ceilings and live jazz music paired with a perfectly pruned waitress, we couldn’t turn down such an offer, and such an effort at our expense. A very large expense.

The cocktail that tasted like velvet was worth it. As the foamy top tipped the edge of the glass and onto our lips we were sold. The salt worked in harmony with the foam to bring out the extra floral flavours (so we were told). Either way we were sold.

The 1 hotel was a perfect spot for what we called our “expensive night out”. We were guided by the doorman to the lift where he used a special code to get us to the top floor. Not entirely sure what we did to deserve this, it might have been my friend’s new impressive heels that caught his eye.

We were sat looking out over Miami glancing over the ripple of the rooftop pool. Sushi? Yes please. We’ll take two.

As we reflect on an already excellent holiday just half way through we’re welcomed by another cote de Provence which went down perfectly with the mouth watering mushroom kebabs. I never thought a mushroom could melt in your mouth but these mushrooms were worth every penny.

As the night draws to a close as does the sunset falling slowly over High rise Miami. It was time to say goodbye to the 1. Until tomorrow. We returned for another velvet cocktail.

Sunset Pier – The name is in the Picture

As my friend and I swam in the warm waters of Florida we heard a familiar voice. It wasn’t a familiar person but instead a familiar accent. English people! They overheard us and jumped into our conversation about the soft sand… It really was like candyfloss.

Moving on from the discussion of the sand we began talking about spots we needed to visit. My friend and I hadn’t done much research as most of our exploring was going to take place underwater, scuba diving.

The lovely English couple told us to go to Sunset Pier because believe it or not it had an impressive sunset, famous in fact. We were skeptical.. I live in Guernsey with amazing island sunsets and I studied in New Mexico which was also known for its impressive landscapes and sunsets, especially during the world’s largest hot air balloon festival. See below.


Photo: Expedia

So we ventured to the pier, the music was popping and the pier was heaving. We grabbed a cold beer and walked along the docks past the band. Okay it’s pretty nice, but nothing out of the ordinary, still we’ll enjoy the view.

We spot some lovely stalls and watch a performing acrobat and then decide to walk back. But just before we leave the sky gets brighter. Brighter we ask? It’s sunset…. We look out over the water and beams of light are soaring over our heads as a beautiful sailboat passes. It’s as if everything around us went quiet. It was beautiful. I’m no longer skeptical and would highly recommend the visit. I’m considering sending this picture in somewhere. An online sunset supporters site? Perhaps a religious group… I could see this on a Church Sunday leaflet? Might pitch.


How much for a Tuk-Tuk?

Well, we learnt the hard way that tuk-tuks are very, very cheap.


It’s our first day in Cambodia and a while since we’ve seen each other seeing as my travel buddy and I live on opposite ends of the globe. Travelling all the way from Australia and England our first point of call is a small backpackers bar where we start our trip with a local beer.

Following our catch up we step out to return to our hotel but we’re offered a tuk-tuk ride. Full of enthusiasm for the trip we say okay but we only have 15 minutes so a quick zoom around and we better get back! He agrees and off we go.

He points out some stand out places and monumental landmarks as he entertains us with his charm, “g-day mate” he says to my Aussie mate. We soon come to realise that Cambodians are very friendly… and VERY grateful. Especially when it came round to us paying him…

“up to you” how much we pay he said… well, we were off to such a great start and he was so likeable we gave $10. 5 each, it was nothing for such a joyous ride. Little did we know even 5 would’ve been too much.

“CIGARS TONIGHT!” He cheers.

Uh oh..

He then grabs his father and introduces him to us. And they hug each other in celebration.

… okay, so all of that was very worth it. The joy he got from a few (many) extra dollars was something we and I’m sure he will remember.

From then on we paid no more than $3 for a tuk-tuk – at most!

Closest Pub to a Church in the British Isles

The ability to touch a wall of a pub and a wall of a Church at the same time is not common… So uncommon in fact that the ability to do this in the British Isles only comes around in one location… Guernsey.

Guernsey in the Channel Islands is a 9 by 5 mile island situated between England and France. Populated with 65,000 people there are many pubs on the island – but not many with such close proximity to a Church.

The Albion pub in St Peter Port is a tavern style pub with dark interior and carpet floors. But its not famous for its interior – or even the picturesque harbour it sits along – it is instead known for its neighbour… The Town Church which has only a narrow pathway which separates them both.

See below my friend from Birmingham visiting this photo opportunity for the first time:




The Butt Brigade. A new movement in Guernsey

The name of this article may have caught your eye and perhaps that’s the reasoning behind the name. But the Guernsey butt brigade has bigger ideas than just its name.

On the first Monday of every month the Guernsey Butt Brigade meets in the main town of St Peter Port to collect harmful waste abandoned on our island… cigarette butts.


Whilst small, cigarette butts can lead a cocktail of toxic chemicals into waterways and find their way into the food chain. One butt in a litre of water can kill every organism in 48 hours, and butts remain in the environment for up to 15 years breaking down micro plastics if not removed.


Andrew Munro is the founder of the Clean Earth Trust and leads Pick it up Guernsey. I met him on a sunny winters lunchtime dressed in just shorts and a t shirt, I asked him if he was cold but he made me aware that if he wears something bright people will see what he’s wearing and that anything that can make the movement catch on can’t be a bad thing.

I continued to ask him about his work, although, myself I kept my coat and scarf firmly on, we walked down a side street where he used a self made gadget to put cigarette butts in. An old paint tin and waste bag collected over 30 cigarette on just a small side street in Guernsey too small for a waste van to go down.

He didn’t seem surprised at the amount of the butts there were here but nor was he phased by effort it would take to collect them day after day whether it be whilst walking his children to school or during a valuable lunch break. Andrew knows the impact of what he’s doing and hopes his bright orange t shirt can get others to do the same.