Colorado’s Hidden Desert.

When you think of Colorado you think of snow covered Rocky Mountains, river canyons and the odd cowboy boot. But as we took a detour on road trip to explore all the landscape it had to offer, we found ourselves a taste of coastline.

Growing up on an island I was used to the sand between my toes but finding it in Colorado was something I didn’t predict.

We questioned whether we were about to arrive at an underwhelming small sandpit overgrown by greenery.

But hidden away through trees is an Arabian style dessert stretching as far as your eyes would take you. Visitors would take the walk to reach the other side of the plain that got increasingly windy as you approach the depths of the southern desert.

Those who made it can take sledges to slide down the naturally formed sand dunes and others can simply take the moment to photograph the surprising landscape that made use of Colorado’s large area of land.

An area of land that’s a worthwhile detour from the other desirable landscapes Colorado has to offer for locals and tourists alike.

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