“I can’t go diving cause I’m afraid of sharks.” Myth solved

Ever since the time where jaws began people have been afraid of sharks. The mammoths of the sea they say. Flesh eating beasts out to kill anything that comes into its path. I beg to differ.

Yes the shark has the ability and proven record of killing a human. But you can’t base fact off fiction.

FACTS of things you’re more likely to die of than shark attacks:

• more likely to die from a champagne cork (24 deaths a year)

• Choking (3,000 deaths a year)

• Cows (20 a year)

• hit by a falling coconut (150 deaths)

So would you avoid lunch or anywhere with coconuts?


Having been one of the majority myself, I too was scared of sharks when I was around 10. We were going on our first diving holiday where I was old enough to take part.

Diving into the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, all I wanted was to not see a shark. But as I emerged from the water after a short try dive – the first thing I said to my dad was 5! I saw 5 sharks! And I was so excited.


Why wasn’t I scared? Because they didn’t even notice I was there. After my first shark sighting I found myself searching for sharks. They actually just wanted to keep themselves to themselves.

Divers are different to surfers which are killed far more than any other human in the sea. Sharks are inquisitive and when you’re flapping around on the surface and they’re looking for their next meal – they’re gonna try a little nibble. Not because they’re vicious but because they think you’re a vulnerable seal.

When you’re diving with sharks you’re just one of them. You’re calm. You’re bubbles show you’re very obviously not a seal on the surface. They’re your mate. Mate could be a stretch, but you’re not dinner.


If sharks are stopping you from diving. Think again.

If you like travelling and exploring the world you’re missing one big part of it by not exploring underwater. Make bubbles.

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