The Best Cocktails in Guernsey

The sun falls in Guernsey and its time to experience the array of restaurants it has to offer. The 9 by 5 mile island is small, but as a home to over 60 thousand people… there needs to be something to do when days at the beach are over and winter approaches.

1 Red

  • Average price: £8
  • View: 9/10
  • Vibe: 8/10
  • Seating: Limited
  • Cocktail to try: Raspberry Cosmo

Located along the seafront of St Peter Port the view of the harbour is not one to miss. Come evening the harbour walk is lit up and the castle in the distance gives the perfect picturesque ambience a cocktail needs.

The interior provokes mystery with dark red velvet seating and low ceilings. The seated area on a raised landing offers comfy cornered couches for small groups but on a date vibe can be veering towards gentleman’s club. But a few raspberry cosmos and it’s not a focal point.

Instead the private DJ on Friday and Saturday nights brings in the crowds and inspires a bit of a groove with the optional balcony escape to admire the view and sip a cocktail.

2 Slaughter House

  • Average price: £7.50
  • View 8/10
  • Vibe 7/10
  • Seating: Very Good
  • Cocktail to try: Elderflower Bellini

Not to be put off by the name. An old slaughter house turned steak house and cocktail bar. The old cobbled walls, dark interior and high ceilings provides a sophisticated Friday night.

Large tables with circular bar stools and outdoor heaters gives an ideal setting for large groups conveniently located a few steps from the large bar that connects into the indoor area for seated meals.

But take a small detour to the narrow steps that take you up to the balcony area with a few small tables and a spectacular view of one of Guernsey’s beaches where you can spot kite surfers and sailors. And ideal location for early drinks before taking the 5 minute walk along the seafront to a central location of town.

3 The Hook

  • Average price: 9
  • View 7/10
  • Vibe 8/10
  • Seating: Good
  • Cocktail to try: Tiki Blinder (for 2)

A restaurant famous for its fresh sushi offers more than just a taste of Japan. It’s elegant spiral staircase leads you up to the upper levels of the building. Hidden by a subtle door and another staircase is a sleek and stylish cocktail bar with a view to die for… the only issue is it seems the view isn’t given enough attention with only a small window to admire it (this does provide a nice frame photography opportunity nevertheless).

But the ambience of Hook’s bar is excellent come 11pm. If you’re looking for early cocktails it’s a bit of a ghost bar, but the buzzy environment come midnight is one to make you feel like you aren’t on a quaint french island but instead a sophisticated London style bar. Be sure to add this one to your list, even if you do just go for the sushi.

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