The Butt Brigade. A new movement in Guernsey

The name of this article may have caught your eye and perhaps that’s the reasoning behind the name. But the Guernsey butt brigade has bigger ideas than just its name.

On the first Monday of every month the Guernsey Butt Brigade meets in the main town of St Peter Port to collect harmful waste abandoned on our island… cigarette butts.


Whilst small, cigarette butts can lead a cocktail of toxic chemicals into waterways and find their way into the food chain. One butt in a litre of water can kill every organism in 48 hours, and butts remain in the environment for up to 15 years breaking down micro plastics if not removed.


Andrew Munro is the founder of the Clean Earth Trust and leads Pick it up Guernsey. I met him on a sunny winters lunchtime dressed in just shorts and a t shirt, I asked him if he was cold but he made me aware that if he wears something bright people will see what he’s wearing and that anything that can make the movement catch on can’t be a bad thing.

I continued to ask him about his work, although, myself I kept my coat and scarf firmly on, we walked down a side street where he used a self made gadget to put cigarette butts in. An old paint tin and waste bag collected over 30 cigarette on just a small side street in Guernsey too small for a waste van to go down.

He didn’t seem surprised at the amount of the butts there were here but nor was he phased by effort it would take to collect them day after day whether it be whilst walking his children to school or during a valuable lunch break. Andrew knows the impact of what he’s doing and hopes his bright orange t shirt can get others to do the same.



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