How much for a Tuk-Tuk?

Well, we learnt the hard way that tuk-tuks are very, very cheap.


It’s our first day in Cambodia and a while since we’ve seen each other seeing as my travel buddy and I live on opposite ends of the globe. Travelling all the way from Australia and England our first point of call is a small backpackers bar where we start our trip with a local beer.

Following our catch up we step out to return to our hotel but we’re offered a tuk-tuk ride. Full of enthusiasm for the trip we say okay but we only have 15 minutes so a quick zoom around and we better get back! He agrees and off we go.

He points out some stand out places and monumental landmarks as he entertains us with his charm, “g-day mate” he says to my Aussie mate. We soon come to realise that Cambodians are very friendly… and VERY grateful. Especially when it came round to us paying him…

“up to you” how much we pay he said… well, we were off to such a great start and he was so likeable we gave $10. 5 each, it was nothing for such a joyous ride. Little did we know even 5 would’ve been too much.

“CIGARS TONIGHT!” He cheers.

Uh oh..

He then grabs his father and introduces him to us. And they hug each other in celebration.

… okay, so all of that was very worth it. The joy he got from a few (many) extra dollars was something we and I’m sure he will remember.

From then on we paid no more than $3 for a tuk-tuk – at most!

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