Sunset Pier – The name is in the Picture

As my friend and I swam in the warm waters of Florida we heard a familiar voice. It wasn’t a familiar person but instead a familiar accent. English people! They overheard us and jumped into our conversation about the soft sand… It really was like candyfloss.

Moving on from the discussion of the sand we began talking about spots we needed to visit. My friend and I hadn’t done much research as most of our exploring was going to take place underwater, scuba diving.

The lovely English couple told us to go to Sunset Pier because believe it or not it had an impressive sunset, famous in fact. We were skeptical.. I live in Guernsey with amazing island sunsets and I studied in New Mexico which was also known for its impressive landscapes and sunsets, especially during the world’s largest hot air balloon festival. See below.


Photo: Expedia

So we ventured to the pier, the music was popping and the pier was heaving. We grabbed a cold beer and walked along the docks past the band. Okay it’s pretty nice, but nothing out of the ordinary, still we’ll enjoy the view.

We spot some lovely stalls and watch a performing acrobat and then decide to walk back. But just before we leave the sky gets brighter. Brighter we ask? It’s sunset…. We look out over the water and beams of light are soaring over our heads as a beautiful sailboat passes. It’s as if everything around us went quiet. It was beautiful. I’m no longer skeptical and would highly recommend the visit. I’m considering sending this picture in somewhere. An online sunset supporters site? Perhaps a religious group… I could see this on a Church Sunday leaflet? Might pitch.



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