This Cocktail is like Velvet

“Hi girls, is it your first time at the 1 hotel? … You like gin? I’d recommend our finest cocktail with Hendricks gin, 24 year infused champagne and Cuban salt mined specifically for you this morning”

You may sense a slight exaggeration. But to us it sounded as impressive as that. We only wanted a G&T but the impressive surroundings, high ceilings and live jazz music paired with a perfectly pruned waitress, we couldn’t turn down such an offer, and such an effort at our expense. A very large expense.

The cocktail that tasted like velvet was worth it. As the foamy top tipped the edge of the glass and onto our lips we were sold. The salt worked in harmony with the foam to bring out the extra floral flavours (so we were told). Either way we were sold.

The 1 hotel was a perfect spot for what we called our “expensive night out”. We were guided by the doorman to the lift where he used a special code to get us to the top floor. Not entirely sure what we did to deserve this, it might have been my friend’s new impressive heels that caught his eye.

We were sat looking out over Miami glancing over the ripple of the rooftop pool. Sushi? Yes please. We’ll take two.

As we reflect on an already excellent holiday just half way through we’re welcomed by another cote de Provence which went down perfectly with the mouth watering mushroom kebabs. I never thought a mushroom could melt in your mouth but these mushrooms were worth every penny.

As the night draws to a close as does the sunset falling slowly over High rise Miami. It was time to say goodbye to the 1. Until tomorrow. We returned for another velvet cocktail.


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