How To Be An inclusive Travel Company

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There’s been a big push for inclusivity amongst BAME influencers, bloggers and writers in the past couple months. Along with those representing other minorities such as LGBTQ+ and single travellers.

Following global movements such as BLM and Pride, companies have been showing an effort to send minority writers on press visits to hotels, employ a diversity strategy amongst the office environment and raise general awareness of the importance of inclusivity, unconscious bias and white privilege. But we need to make sure this continues past the fad.

At Ophir & Grifco we’ve been working to make at least a small difference. One suggestion my colleague and I made to our client was regarding the resort’s photography. We found that the straight, middle-class family with two children didn’t represent society. They’ve since shared imagery with same-sex couples and are looking into some single-parent family photography.

We’ve also had discussions with our clients surrounding inclusivity coaching – complicated? It’s simple. Ensuring a couple arriving at reception aren’t assumed to be just friends or asking a same-sex couple if they’d like to change their bed set up to single beds can make all the difference.

I recently tuned in to a webinar on Diversity and the Future of Travel with Alex Temblador, Travel writer and award-winning author (@alextemblador) & Christopher Kenna, CEO & Founder, Brand Advance (@brand_advance) lead by Uwern Jong, Editor of @OutThereMag (@uwern) .

– I thought I’d share a few take-aways:

There was lot of BAME and LGBT community support during Pride Month and Black History Month, but we must support these groups all year round. Holiday destinations should advertise and include creative ideas around these groups, always (Christopher)

Employ someone who works at diversity companies to show you how to roll out BAME policies and training (Alex)

It starts with the CEO. It’s not up to your BAME or LGBT employees to make your company better – when CEOs start to make a change it becomes a down waterfall rush – not an uphill battle (Christopher)Do hotels have BAME staff and PRs? Are PRs connecting with BAME writers?

Do hotels have BAME staff and PRs? Are PRs connecting with BAME writers? (Alex)

First step: admit the issue. Second step: find someone who can help your brand break it all down and create the change (Alex)

You have the ear of the company: steer client marketing strategies, photoshoots, influencer collaborations etc. (Alex)

If writers of colour and the LGBTQ+ community don’t see diversity in client strategy, they won’t want to engage with it. Let’s work together in this industry to make sure all are represented.

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