Closest Pub to a Church in the British Isles

The ability to touch a wall of a pub and a wall of a Church at the same time is not common… So uncommon in fact that the ability to do this in the British Isles only comes around in one location… Guernsey.

Guernsey in the Channel Islands is a 9 by 5 mile island situated between England and France. Populated with 65,000 people there are many pubs on the island – but not many with such close proximity to a Church.

The Albion pub in St Peter Port is a tavern style pub with dark interior and carpet floors. But its not famous for its interior – or even the picturesque harbour it sits along – it is instead known for its neighbour… The Town Church which has only a narrow pathway which separates them both.

See below my friend from Birmingham visiting this photo opportunity for the first time:





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